"'Reck Style (Full Steam Ahead)" (C) 2009 The GTGs

Back for another year, we hit the ground running
Full steam ahead, it's been a long time comin'
'Reck's bout to ride and Johnson's bout to roll
The band's cranking up, it's straight out of control

Bobby Dodd's getting ready for a victory
All my Yellow Jackets handing out hits for free
Gaining yards, one by one, making history
We run it hard up the middle like we stole the "T"

'Reck style! It's the hunger to win
It's the getting hit and getting up again and again
Ramblin' 'Reck Style! We bleeding White and Gold
It's the 'Stand your ground and knock 'em down on 4th and goal'
We're moving full steam ahead!

It's tailgate time on Techwood Drive
Starts at 8 in the morning and it goes all night
Ladies all dolled up in that white and gold
Model A, diesel engine leads the brave and bold...as they strut....

Into the stadium, bustin' through the run through
Runnin' on adrenaline
Jackets take the field and the option goes "BOOM!"
7 more on the board and the whistle go "WOOOOO!"


Meet us at 155 on the North Avenue
Feel that game day vibe, See the 'Reck coming through
If you ain't from the A, then you won't understand
We bring it like 2-2-2 on Cumberland

(Yellow, Jackets)
We going, we going, we going, Full Steam Ahead!